#TuesdayTip: further functions in Research Professional

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17 January 2017

This year, Anglia Ruskin has gained access to some more involved functions in Research Professional. In this post I'll talk about the 'expression of interest' feature.

You'll all be familiar with the term expression of interest, especially when used by a funder. In this case an expression of interest will be a submission in its own right - a brief form or application, alerting the funder to invite you to its event, workshop, or to submit a full proposal.

For Research Professional, however, the term refers to our institution. You'll search for funding opportunities, be shown a list of those that fit your criteria, and have the option to click-through to the funder's website. You'll also see a bright orange button inviting you to express interest. You may assume that clicking here would alert the funder to your interest, and tell them to contact you with information, but that's not it's purpose. Instead, the expression of interest is sent to your Research Funding Development team in RIDO. This means:

  • we get a heads-up of what interests you
  • we can contact you to help with your application
  • we can point you to similar sources of funding.

Hope that helps! Next week I'll talk about another interesting feature of Research Professional.


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