Funding opportunity: Winston Churchill Memorial Trust

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Fellowships

27 June 2017

The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust will fund research in a range of areas in 2017 for projects starting in 2018.

Their categories for this round are:

The Trust fund individuals as Fellows, and applicants must be a UK citizen, resident in the UK, and 18 years old or over. Projects should have benefit wider than the individual, and should not have other funds from sponsors already. The project should involve four-eight weeks travel abroad, but you must justify the need to visit the other country(ies) as opposed to doing the work in the UK. "Most Fellows visit more than one country, which we encourage, but we prefer continents to be limited to a maximum of two."

Projects can be many different activities, so to clarify the remit please click through to the relevant section. Notes from the Science, Technology and Innovation section emphasise that these can be knowledge exchange activity, visiting research organisations abroad and bringing knowledge and benefit back to the UK. The Trust "are also interested in:

  • the communication of science and technology by any means
  • the fusion of the arts and science
  • efforts to encourage interest and participation in science by the public
  • the use of the internet to hold dialogues."

Do investigate this opportunity and let RIDO know if you want to apply. Apply before 5pm on 19 September 2017.


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