Funding opportunity: User-centred sanitation design through rapid community engagement

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Calls

8 March 2017

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (ELRHA) is launching a programme in the area of sanitation. While specific, the programme has aims that cross disciplines.

  1. Understand existing community engagement practice and relevant approaches across a range of fields, as well as their strengths and limitations, and their applicability in an emergency.
  2. Develop and test innovative community engagement approaches and tools that can be used in a rapid-onset emergency.
  3. Develop a robust methodology to monitor and evaluate the impact of community engagement approaches on the overall satisfaction and use of sanitation facilities in emergency situations.
  4. Build a body of evidence around the effectiveness and impact of rapid community engagement in making sanitation decisions in humanitarian emergencies.
  5. Change existing practice by sharing evidence and learning around designing, implementing and evaluating rapid community engagement in emergencies.

Several calls have been created through the programme to achieve these goals:

  1. Up to £200,000 to be awarded to a Research and Innovation Partner: deadline 10 March 2017
  2. Up to £100,000 to be awarded for Rapid Community Engagement Projects: deadline 28 April 2017
  3. Up to $40,000 to be awarded to A Dissemination Partner: deadline 7 April 2017



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