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1 December 2017

As in previous years, we are pleased to advertise the next round of funding calls from The Stroke Association.

The Association offers two major opportunities at this time of year, and both represent ways to enhance your research in these fields:

1. Project Grant Awards

The Association use project grants to fund studies in all aspects of stroke research, from fundamental understanding to clinical trial. Clinical trials funded by this scheme are generally early-stage, and would require further funding (from MRC or NIHR) to move to a final stage trial. The Association gives an example of supporting 'a previously developed intervention on a population of people, whether stroke survivors or people unaffected by stroke'.

Other studies under this scheme are known as developmental research projects, including 'proposals in observational or epidemiological studies, basic laboratory science or early developmental/proof of concept studies'. Therefore, the whole range of stroke research directly related to stroke illness is included within the Association's remit.

Up to £210,000 is available for projects of up to three years' duration.

Deadline: 5pm, 5 February 2018.

2. Clinical Study in Stroke Award (with British Heart Foundation)

The Stroke Association and BHF together offer up to £1.5 million over up to five years. At the interface of the remits of both funders, projects must have a vascular focus and be directly related to stroke illness. The funders provide a list of example topics:

  • cerebral vascular imaging
  • stroke prevention - primary or secondary
  • therapies relating to vascular symptoms, for example:
    • antiplatelet therapies
    • thrombolysis
    • detection and treatment of cerebral haemorrhage
    • detection and treatment of cerebral aneurysm
    • detection and treatment of carotid artery or vertebral artery lesions
  • cerebral small vessel disease
  • stroke epidemiology.

Again, this broad remit invites applicants from many fields. Let us know if you're interested!

Deadline: 5pm, 15 January 2018.


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