Funding opportunity: ESRC Governance after Brexit Programme

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6 March 2018

A new funding programme from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has been launched to study the lasting effects of the UK leaving the European Union.

The ESRC says:

"Brexit will have an impact on the UK’s constitutional arrangements, the nature of the state across multiple levels and a range of government policy objectives, instruments and means of policy delivery. Brexit also has consequences for political parties and civil society organisations, business and trade unions and for judiciaries, courts and legal systems. Its consequences may differ for generations and classes, 'races' and ethnic groups, and genders; as well as for nations and regions, localities and communities; and for groups of people who identify as 'Leavers' or 'Remainers'."

Research under this programme should study any or all of these areas, and help the UK overcome some of the challenges of Brexit. Note also that ESRC wants to encourage daring projects:

"This call is particularly interested in proposals with research strategies that take risks in pursuit of high-level rewards, which blend disciplines and push the boundaries of methodological innovation across all levels of analysis."

To achieve its goals, applicants can bid for smaller 'innovation' grants, or larger grants. Innovation grants should be between £150,000 and £249,999 FEC, running for a maximum of two years from 1 November 2018. These grants are intended to create innovative methods and approaches, as well as incorporating a diverse set of partners and stakeholders.

The larger grants will more closely resemble traditional research projects between £250,000 and £750,000 FEC. Projects will be up to three years long, starting on 1 December 2018. Work in these projects will include work at different scales, in different locations and should be ambitious in scope.

For more information, please see the call information page or talk to RIDO.

The deadlines for applications are:

  • 3 May 2018, 4pm for smaller grants
  • 22 May 2018, 4pm for larger grants



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