Funding opportunity: Design History Society

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Calls

26 September 2017

The Design History Society is offering a Research Exhibition Grant for those involved in design history research. If your research will lead to an exhibition, we encourage our researchers in design to consider this chance to cover some of your costs.

The Society says the funding can contribute to:

  • photocopying and scanning costs; permission costs and copyright clearance for use of images in the exhibition of display
  • costs incurred for research travel, including travel and accommodation for archive visits, conference attendance, conducting interviews, library, museum and collection visits and other primary and secondary research activities directly linked to the exhibition outcome.

While any individual applicant can ask for up to £1,000, the funder states it may only part-fund any specific request. In addition, the total call budget of £1,500 must be shared between all successful projects, so we expect applications to be smaller than £1,000.

Any award, however, can be used as a contribution to an exhibition of any size, and in a wide range of styles: permanent or temporary, physical or digital.

Deadline for applications: 15 March 2018



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