Funding opportunity: cross-Research Council Mental Health Network call

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23 October 2017

The Research Councils have joined forces to announce a funding programme crossing all their remits, aimed at creating new networks and opportunities for mental health research.

The Councils have recognised that mental health issues can be approached from various directions, with different goals, and there are researchers in fields from neuroscience to creative arts who can be part of answering the key research questions under this umbrella. As such, researchers in the remits of all seven Research Councils are eligible to apply.

Successful networks will be funded up to £1 million over four years (Research Councils would pay 80% of the full economic cost which can be up to £1.25 million).

Successful bids will be from network leadership teams that convince assessors they can create and sustain broad, interdisciplinary networks of (mainly) UK-based researchers. The funding is not intended to directly support research projects, but it is expected that successful networks will support some sort of research activity; for example, a network could run a series of funding calls supporting small projects, especially those that boost capacity in some way. It's expected that the so-called core costs of the network, however, will be the salaries of the leadership team, administrative staff, and funds for any pre-planned activities, such as networking events.

The research areas in scope for this call are:

  • Understanding mental health and mental health problems
  • Connection between physical and mental health
  • Public health, prevention and wellbeing
  • Living with mental health problems.

Successful networks will address one or more of these areas. Bids are also expected to address one or more of the following cross-cutting themes, if appropriate:

  • Effective intervention(s)
  • Technology and data
  • Lifestyle and behaviour
  • Inequalities
  • Empowerment, ethics, confidentiality and trust.

The deadline for this call is 4pm on 22 March 2018, and we anticipate teams will need several months to clarify their plans and the extent of their collaboration. More information is available on the call page, from Research Professional, and from RIDO.


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