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7 June 2017

The British Academy has launched a further funding scheme under the Global Challenges Research Fund in partnership with the Department for International Development (DfID).

This call focuses on research that may contribute that could influence policy changes or interventions that 'will transform the life chances and destinies of children in their early years in lower- and middle-income countries (LMICs)'.

UK researchers will be leads on these projects, but it is expected they will work with partners in the Global South where appropriate. This is an opportunity to bring together international and interdisciplinary teams to solve problems affecting children's chances in life in areas as diverse as: psychology, neuroscience, education, health, nutrition and social protection.

"The Early Childhood Development Programme will focus in particular on:

  1. supporting innovative interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships, including with practitioners;
  2. advancing cross learning between disciplines and building our understanding of how existing interventions contribute to child development outcomes;
  3. addressing key questions around how to implement and scale cost-effective early childhood development, including how to work with government systems where appropriate;
  4. expanding the research base in countries and populations with high unmet need and low research capacity."

To be eligible as the project lead, you must be at least of postdoctoral status at a university, and your contract must extend beyond the duration of the project.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 21 June 2017 (5pm UK time).



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