Funding opportunity: BBSRC Transformative Research Technologies call

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20 October 2017

In 2017, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) (alongside the Medical and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils) is again running its Tools and Resources Development Fund (TRDF) scheme, but with just a single call.

This year's call is in Transformative Research Technologies, and applications must be in the fields connected to the Research Councils' Technology Touching Life theme.

TRDF offers pump-priming funding for research that will develop new technology. BBSRC says the scheme "aims to pump prime the next generation of cutting-edge enabling research technologies with a potential for transformative impact in life sciences research (both biological and biomedical)".

Applications are expected to be high-risk (that is, there's no guarantee the project will achieve its goals), but also high reward (successful projects will result in a widely used new technology). Applications should be focused around any or all of the following.

  • New advances in engineering and physical sciences research that have the potential to result in innovative and potentially disruptive technological capabilities. Such applications must aim to establish proof of concept and identify a clear trajectory towards a new life sciences research technology in the short term.
  • Development of technologies that will provide new research capabilities with applicability to a range of life sciences research problems and/or communities.
  • Innovative improvements to current technological capabilities that deliver a step change in aspects such as accuracy, precision, resolution, throughput, and breadth of application to facilitate new research discoveries.

This call is for bold, innovative ideas, that could usher in changes in how a biological field carries out its work. Assessment of applications will be fast-tracked and 'light-touch'; start dates must be no later than 1 July 2018. The budget for the call is around £3.5 million, and individual projects should request no more than £150,000 (a 100% fEC of £187,000).

Check out the call page, and let RIDO know if you want to apply!


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