Funding opportunity: AHRC Creative Economy

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Calls

3 July 2017

The Arts and Humanities and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councils have announced the first opportunity to engage with their Creative Economy programme.

This first call aims to create "Early Stage Research Partnerships" in the themes of Memory, Place and Performance. Our interpretation of this instruction is that anyone in the AHRC remit or EPSRC remit will be welcome to try and establish partnerships with each other, approaching the themes in whichever ways suit their collaborative expertise.

In order to refine the ideas proposed to the call, the funders are hosting seven workshops to brief potential participants. RIDO strongly suggests that any potential applicants from ARU try to attend one of these events. You'll be able to network and form new collaborations in real time, as well as getting to grips with what the funder wants from you! Not only this, but you'll also benefit from the rare chance to meet AHRC and EPSRC in person, boosting your profile with the funder personally.

Registration is open now, make sure you go along!


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