Funding highlight notice: early career researchers in the arts and humanities

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Fellowships

8 November 2017

From time to time, the Research Councils encourage applications to certain funding calls through a highlight mechanism. This time, we've come across a call from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for early career researchers.

It takes the form of a highlight in AHRC's Standard Leadership Fellowships scheme.

For the highlight, various rules and criteria have been altered, so don't assume the same conditions as for previous Leadership Fellowships calls. Fellowships with values of up to £250,000 (100% FEC) are available through this call. Projects can be up to two years in length, subject to the £250,000 limit. Fellows are able to fund up to 100% of full time employment during the whole length of the fellowship. In some cases, a funded extension of up to 24 months will also be accessible.

The Council says:

"There are three thematic strands under which applications can be made

  1. Creative and Digital Economy Innovation Leadership Fellows
  2. Inter-disciplinary Interface Innovation Leadership Fellows
  3. Rutherford Fund Fellows - specifically aimed at non UK applicants."

However, Rutherford Fellows would also have to fit under one of the other two strands. Much more detail on these themes is available on the call page, and is essential reading for any eligible early career researcher interested in this call!


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