Funding body news: EPSRC unveils results of balancing exercise

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22 February 2017

The UK's major public funder of research in engineering and the physical sciences, the EPSRC, has completed its balancing activity, setting out its priorities for funding in the coming years.

Research Professional understands that any given topic area might grow or shrink by 2-3% of the EPSRC budget; they quote figures indicating that medical imagining will be reduced from £92-£73M over five years. Eight other areas will be reduced, and twelve areas are set to receive a higher allocation, including chemical biology. The full list of 111 research areas is available here, and allows researchers to see if their topic allocation will be "maintained", "grown" or "reduced".

The Council reassures the community that a reduce label does not mean they won't fund work in that area, however, and that distinctions only come into play when proposals have similar rankings in responsive mode. Specific calls may highlight growth areas to ensure funding reaches priority areas. Philip Nelson, Chrief Executive of EPSRC said:

"We are committed to funding excellent research across our portfolio, and, similarly, to maintaining the right conditions for supporting the best researchers to explore their ideas. Excellence is always the primary consideration as judged by peer review. Regardless of any designation and suggested trajectory for a research area, we will continue to support the highest quality research wherever it arises."


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