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7 July 2017

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has published an analysis of its latest data sets, specifically around application numbers and success rates, and digested this on their excellent blog.

As always, potential ESRC applicants should consider this data as it lets you know 'what you're up against', but this is unlikely to determine whether or not you submit to this funder.

This year's data don't, at first glance, seem to contain many surprises. Most of you in the ESRC community will be aware that its budget remained the same as the year before, so it would not have been possible to fund more projects. However, since application numbers dropped slightly, a corresponding rise in success rate was observed:"Last year demand went down, so success rates went up, to around 24% overall". This should encourage Anglia Ruskin University applicants as, contrary to rumour, it's no more difficult to obtain strong Research Council funding than it was previously.

Universities that have gained large amounts of ESRC funding in the past continue to do so, which does suggest our academics will need to build relationships with the successful actors in their fields if they wish to see their own success rates increase. It seems to be the case that larger bids are becoming more usual for the ESRC, so our team will be pushing ARU academics to try to be part of those bids. Build your networks, collaborate, and win some Research Council funds!


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