Five things I learned from my business degree

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Faculty: Business and Law
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management
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6 September 2017

I’m not sure how many other degrees give you an opportunity to learn about so many different topics; from accounting and finance, to HR and economics. The business degree really does give you a taste of everything.

Typically, a business course consists of studying the same topic, week in-week out, for three years – sounds tedious, right?

My ARU experience was in fact the complete opposite. Here are the five key moments of my degree.

5. There is a community of students from day one

On the first day of anything you’re bound to be nervous – especially when you’re beginning a new course, meeting 300 students who’ve never seen each other before. My experience was warm and welcoming. Everyone was outgoing, friendly and spoke to each other – a community that stayed together throughout the three years with many memories made along the way.

4. You’ll build your support network in the first year

The first year was my settling-in period, where I was getting to know my lecturers and they were getting to know me. It was about establishing key contacts to help you through your journey and support your studies.

3. You learn how to adapt

The degree was very intellectually stimulating. One week we were learning about human resource management, then the next it was accounting. I had to adapt quickly which is extremely useful in the volatile business environment; and also looks great on the CV!

2. You create your own opportunities

My favourite module was the dissertation, 100%. I spent three years learning what was assigned to me and although it was interesting, the dissertation gave me the opportunity to branch into something which I wanted to learn myself. I could’ve chosen anything, anything at all – which is why this module was by far my favourite.

1. The hard work pays off: graduation

Nothing makes me more proud than walking up on stage to shake the Vice Chancellor’s hand whilst looking at the smiles on my family’s faces. I spent three years working hard for this day, and the satisfaction you feel whilst doing this is indescribable. This was my moment.

By Charlie Knight, BSc (Hons) Business Management graduate


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