Finding my nursing family at ARU

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Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BSc (Hons) Child Nursing
Category: Nursing and midwifery

26 March 2019

Child nursing student Lauren shares the speech she wrote for the annual Nursing Times Awards, about finding your feet - and your family - at university.

When you start university, questions, expectations, thoughts and feelings surge through your mind uncontrollably. You feel nerves and excitement, apprehension and determination. However you never truly know what journey lies ahead.

I started at Anglia Ruskin University with a notepad and pens ready to embark on the most important journey of my life so far. Little did I realise I was about to discover a family: a family of peers, lecturers and support services who want nothing but to see you succeed.

Nursing is challenging, nursing is intense and nursing is rewarding. Since studying at Anglia Ruskin, it has taught me that, in nursing, you are never alone. A nurturing environment that fosters success, empowers achievements but most importantly, raises confidence. Lecturers and form tutors who go above and beyond to ensure you receive the highest quality teaching and allow time to grow, grow into the nurse you never knew you were capable of being. This has all been down to staff members who see potential within you. I’ve spent countless additional sessions in the skills laboratory and in meeting rooms with lecturers because even though they knew I could do it they allowed me time to realise this for myself. The modules throughout my degree have been none other than intellectually stimulating and delivered so passionately and enthusiastically.

The facilities available to use are state of the art and replicate extraordinarily what is expected of as a nurse. You practice in a university where the pivotal goal of your day is what did you learn? When working on the wards during your placements, without realising, there is an effortless intertwining of theory and practice.

Anglia Ruskin has continually developed and supported my passion to become a paediatric nurse. I feel confident when it’s my time to leave, albeit I don’t ever want to, that they’ve given me more than I could ever have imagined, especially when I see their genuine passion and devotion to their profession of nursing. Lecturers express their gratitude towards our cohort but truly the appreciation lies with us.

I speak for all students from ARU when I say that the placements opportunities, experiences, level of teaching and welcoming environment are the sole reason you should uphold the title of Pre-registration Nurse Education provider of the year.

By Lauren Davies


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