#TuesdayTip: find those exclusive opportunities

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14 March 2017

Whatever stage of your research career you're currently enjoying, you will occasionally be frustrated by opportunities that sound exciting, but whose criteria you don't yet meet, or don't meet any more.

There are calls for funding for researchers with more than five years' experience or some huge quantity of papers, calls for researchers fresh out of their PhD, and everything in-between. There are also calls for very niche research areas within a funder's broad remit, and if your discipline is just outside this you have to miss out. A funder will periodically become aware that a sector of its community has not been receiving adequate attention or finances over a few years, and will seek to rectify this, causing some groups to benefit and some to lose out.

However, the flip-side of this misfortune is that you can keep your eyes open for the next opportunity aimed at your group. When you see one, make sure you go for it! Make sure you're looking at every opportunity - they won't all be six-figure research grants, but could give enormous value in other ways. Today I'll highlight a chance for early career researchers (ECRs) to take part in an intensive two-day networking camp: not your conventional call, but well worth exploring.

If you're an ECR engaged in aspects of the creative economy, check out this chance to spend two days working with 44 of your colleagues, setting out the future strategy of this expanding field. Deadline: Friday 24 March. At the risk of repeating myself, this is an exclusive, small event, to which only ECRs may apply. Take your chance while it's there!

Finally, just a note on how to create these opportunities. Get involved with the funders. Apply to sit on their assessment panels, apply to contribute to peer review process, and feed into any community evidence-gathering exercise or survey. The funder needs to engage with you and your field to understand why they should create chances, like the above, in which you could take part.


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