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19 February 2018

Jessica Lewis

My name is Jessica Lewis and I spent time during my final year volunteering in a Year 1 classroom at Lawford Mead Primary School.

During this time I helped with general classroom activities such as handing out work and helping the children in the classroom. I also assisted the teaching assistant with testing of phonics and reading independently with the children. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school, and all the children and staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful. I was actually quite sad that I wasn’t going back there because I learnt a lot from the children and the staff. I would recommend to anyone studying a course similar to mine to volunteer at a school, as it gives you hands-on experience, and also strengthens your PGCE application.

Matthew Poyton, Deputy Head at Lawford Mead Primary School, had this to say about Jess.

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“At Lawford Mead Primary School we greatly value our volunteers from ARU. We strive to provide a wide range of experiences that we hope are valuable to ARU students. We hope that they gain an insight into the teaching profession and the education of children aged 4-11. Volunteers are very helpful to us too of course! Teachers always appreciate having the extra adult support in class and the encouragement and guidance volunteers can provide for children has a highly positive impact on learning and the progress children can make.

ARU student, Jessica spent a few days within a Year 1 (age 5-6) classroom in the 2016 Summer term. During this time she helped with general classroom activities such as handing out resources and helping the children with their work. Jessica also helped Learning Support Assistants with phonics and early reading teaching and assessments. Jessica commented that all the children and staff were incredibly welcoming and helpful and that she thoroughly enjoyed her time with us. We were very pleased to hear that she felt that it was such a valuable learning experience.

Jessica was a pleasure to have in the classroom and felt like a member of the team for the short time she was with us. She had a fantastic, positive attitude and was willing to help with anything she was asked, clearly valuing the hands on experience in relation to her course and the value it added to her PGCE application”.



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