How will teaching work in trimester 1 for Film, TV and Media students?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Category: Language, literature and media

9 September 2020

If you're studying on a Film, TV or Media course at ARU in September, here's how you can prepare for online learning and using on-campus facilities.

How will teaching work for my course in September?

Whether you have opted for face-to-face teaching supported by online delivery or online delivery only, you will share classes online.

If you have opted to learn online only, you will also join any practical sessions via Microsoft Teams (with some modifications) and receive an outline for those sessions with a set of similar exercises. There will also be an opportunity for you to catch up on specific equipment inductions next trimester.

If you have opted for face-to-face learning you will undertake practical sessions in studios or classrooms adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Will I be able to access the facilities and equipment I need on campus?

Yes, facilities and equipment (cameras, edit suites) will be available throughout the trimester and to access this equipment you simply need an induction, which will take place in modules with technical requirements. There is an online booking system. Some restrictions will apply based on limitations related to COVID-19.

Is there anything I need to prepare or buy for September?

Please see our technical requirements for online learning page, particularly the 'additional technical specifications – creative courses' section.

If you have chosen to learn on campus, you will have access to cameras and sound equipment following your inductions. If you have opted to study online only, you will need to have a smartphone with video camera and still camera functions at a minimum. If you have a digital video camera, that is great, but you do not need to buy anything additional. Follow-up training on our cameras will be offered next trimester.

Will I be able to meet with my coursemates / get personal time with my lecturers?

You will have the opportunity to meet other students however you have chosen to study. Staff will be running tutorials and personal development sessions via Microsoft Teams in small groups and one-to-one, so there will be lots of opportunities to get to know who we are and for you to connect with others on your course.


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