Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programmes approved

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Category: Research news

26 November 2013

The European Parliament has approved the multi-annual Erasmus+ and Creative Europe Programmes at its latest plenary session.

The €14.7 billion Erasmus+ programme combines all previous Lifelong Learning Programmes (Comenius, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig) with the Youth in Action initiative and focuses on student and staff mobility, as well as building international strategic partnerships in the area of higher education.

It is expected that the new programme will enable people aged 13 to 30 to study abroad in the EU by funding grants for students, teachers, trainers and apprentices, and by providing easy access for students to a loan guarantee mechanism to help them fund their master's degrees across the EU.

The "Creative Europe" cultural programme, with a budget of over €1.4 billion, combines the existing Culture, MEDIA and MEDIA Mundus initiatives and aims to promote the mobility of artists and the distribution of European audiovisual works.

Under "Creative Europe", the Parliament passed a draft law establishing a loan guarantee mechanism to help micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises in the cultural and creative sectors to expand. The mechanism will allow companies working on cultural and creative projects to access European funding much easier than in the past by partially guaranteeing bank loans.



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