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Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course: BA (Hons) Primary Education Studies
Category: Education

18 December 2018

Podcasts are something you either enjoy or don’t. Personally, I had not been keen on them until I began studying at university.

They have a special niche when you are getting into a new subject, or an intense topic when the reading materials are getting lengthy and leave you feeling bugged out.

A podcast can waft into the listening part of your brain gently at any time of your day.They help engrain the information by building layers of information in different ways.  As the great education theorists tell us, we all learn by different methods.

Education Studies podcasts are often delivered by TED talks and cover every topic imaginable. Start browsing at

Good old iTunes has an impressive list of podcasts on education, and has some interesting talks from American teachers. All sources are useful when researching education topics.

Podcasts can become a little addictive, just like getting immersed in your favourite soap opera.  Whilst looking for inspiration on a primary science lesson delivery I stumbled across a comedy factual science podcast on BBC Radio 4 (a channel I never thought I'd listen to!) called The Infinite Monkey Cage - two years later I am still tuning in as it is so funny and sparks my inner geek.

Who knows what you will still be listening to in five years time?!


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