How will teaching work in trimester 1 for Drama and Musical Theatre students?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Category: Music and performing arts

9 September 2020

Are you studying a Drama or Musical Theatre course at ARU this September? Whether you're joining us for face-to-face teaching or studying wholly online, here's what to expect.

How will teaching work for my course in September?

For those students who are joining us for face-to-face teaching there are four-hour blocks, one day per week. The rest of our teaching modules will be online, and students who are studying online only and face-to-face will be able to attend.

There remain government restrictions on some of our activities, especially ensemble singing for Musical Theatre, and so this will also be online as we begin. Our aim is to restore singing classes to face to face teaching as soon as we are able, placing groups within a large theatre space and split into small cohorts to maintain social distancing. If you have opted to study online only, these classes will continue online - you won't be timetabled for face to face singing even when that becomes possible.

Will I be able to access the facilities and equipment I need on campus?

Yes, face-to-face teaching will take place in the Mumford Theatre, Covent Garden Studio and our rehearsal space, LAB028. Where production modules require additional rehearsal times, these will be pre-booked and timetabled for you and you will remain with your usual cast.

There are also times when you can book space independently for rehearsals, but we would ask you to remain within your usual module groups and cast for this too.

Is there anything I need to prepare or buy for September?

For online teaching, which will at first include singing for all Musical Theatre students, you will need a computer with a microphone and camera. Please see our technical requirements for online learning page for more details, particularly the 'additional technical specifications – creative courses' section.

We have planned assessments to be live wherever possible, but we hope you have a camera on your smartphone in case we need to revert to online submissions for performance.

If you choose the online-only delivery, then you will need to record video for most assessments, although you could also perform via live stream for some shows. We'll provide you with a simple guide for video recording, although we will be looking at your performance and not your film-making skills.


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