Did anyone say Friendship Day?


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30 July 2019

YES! 30 July is World Friendship Day. This day has to be celebrated, as friends are essential components of our everyday life - including student life.

In this respect, my friends have an important role in my life. They are the ones who support and encourage me and will not hesitate to give me a hand in case of difficulty. My friends are also the best people ever to join for a holiday, an adventurous trip or simply to enjoy a night out.

However, starting university may feel a little scary for some of you, as you may have to leave home and your friends to move to a completely new place. This is exactly what happened to me. My worst fear was not to be able to make new friends. However, after one year and a half, I can say that my university experience would not have been the same without the people I have met, who are now really good friends of mine.

I strongly encourage you all to put your shyness aside and socialise as much as possible from the very beginning. If you are wondering how you can make friends easily, my tips are just the ticket.

1. Attend Welcome Week

During Welcome Week, which is the week prior to the beginning of your classes, you will meet your Faculty Team as well as your course mates. Make the most out of it and take part in the social activities organised for you during that week.

2. Attend the Freshers' Fair

Freshers' Fair is a great opportunity to join sports teams, course-based societies and many more. Make sure to grab the Semester Event Calendar outlined by the Students' Union, where all the social events planned for you are listed.

3. Students' Union

I mentioned the Students' Union in the previous point. Well, the SU is one of your best friends at uni! If you ever feel a bit lonely, just go in the SU space and you will find amazing people there who will definitely make you feel at home.

4. Join a society

You can choose whether you want to join a course-based society or any other society you are interested in. It will allow you to meet people who share your same interests. What is better that this for making new friends?

5. Be sociable and friendly in class

Don't be scared to speak because you do not know anyone. Everyone is new and in the same situation as you, and you all want to make new friends. Remember your classmates can be your best 'partners in crime'.

6. Cambridge is a vibrant city full of events

You should join the Cambridge Network group on LinkedIn and register on their website to receive regular updates about the events they organise. These can include networking evenings, soft skills development training and many more!

These six tips reflect the attitude I have had so far at university. I have been active and proactive from the first moment, showing willingness to make friends and get involved.

I hope you will celebrate Friendship Day with all your friends, with the willingness to meet many more people and expand your friendship group. And don’t forget my main tip for making new friends at university: get involved and do not be shy!

University student Alessia and four friends


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