Defining value: applying the 'business model canvas' to research

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Category: Research news

25 March 2015

All content and no purpose makes research a dull, pointless venture. Read about the importance of benefits, outcomes and impact - the 'why' of research.

We've previously highlighted the importance of the 'what' of research - the methods section. But all content and no purpose makes research a dull, and pointless, venture!

The Writing for Research blog outlines a 'business model canvas' approach to navigating the decision-riddled life of academia, looking beyond publish or perish to a wider goal: why do you, personally or as a team, do research? What value are you adding? How does the wider community benefit?

Writing for Research promotes this approach as a springboard to assessing returns and risks, and ultimately defining career trajectory (if interested, read more here). However, it is also an excellent framework for understanding the point of your research, and thereby having something to market to funding bodies. After all, if even you don't know why you deserve funding, a grant-making organisation certainly will not.

To enhance your bid-writing, we suggest going through each of the items in the Writing for Research chart below. Get an idea of what your research has to offer, then come to the ARU Research Services Team to find appropriate funding bodies to unlock this potential.


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