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Deborah Deah Assis Carneiro

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Electronics
Category: Engineering

22 July 2014

Since too many things were happening with me over the last few months I couldn’t manage to write more since the semester ended.

Now I’ve got my results I can tell you that I passed all my modules!

In April me and other friends, with the support of the university’s International Office, organised the Brazilian Carnival in Revolution Club. I’m glad to say it was a success and one of the best parties here in Cambridge. Our DJ played for six hours without break. We gave Caipirinha (a Brazilian drink) to everyone who was wearing a costume. We thought the international students might not come in costumes, but they impressed us with nice ones. It was really funny. Mine was a ‘popcorn seller’ because this is really common in public parties in Brazil, like a carnival.

You can read an article about the party in the June newsletter from the International Student Advice Service (ISAS).

We also had a rock ‘n’ roll bingo farewell for all dwellers from my accommodation (Peter Taylor House). It was really nice because I’ve never seen this kind of bingo before. It works with songs instead of numbers. The bingo man played music and we had to check if we had it on our sheet.  The prizes were an iPod for the person who got all the music and drinks for those who had the corners or a row.

To finish this incredible year I got a summer placement, and that’s why I couldn’t write before, because I’m working every day, all day. During the weekend I just want to stay in my bedroom resting.

The placement is at Sepura Plc, a radio company which has a main office in Cambridge, but there are offices spread over the world, even in Brazil. I had a good time there, the company was great and I was working with the driver development team. I learned a lot since I started; it’s really true you learn more when you work. Now many things make more sense in my head than when I was just studying. It was thanks to my volunteer work that I got this nice job: I improved my network and got an interview with the husband of one of the coaches. Fortunately he gave me this incredible opportunity.

At the end of the semester, the Volunteering Office also did an event to deliver our certificates of volunteering. It was a nice meeting, and I’ve got a beautiful certificate. Hahaha.

Now I have just one more month here in Cambridge. My mom and my brother are coming to visit me in a few days.

I’m excited to go back to Brazil, but just because I’m missing my friends and my family so much. I want to see them, but I would live here for more time if I could because I really enjoyed it. On the other hand, I feel I’ve completed my goals here and I need to move on. I need to go back, finish my graduation and start my post-graduation. I already started to think about this and search some universities with the course I want here in UK. If everything goes right, I’ll be back as soon as possible.

I’ll try hard to write a last post before I go back home – but I hope everyone who is reading this and wants to live in Cambridge and study in Anglia Ruskin has a really good time, like I did.

See you.


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