Dealing with homesickness


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Vision and Hearing Sciences
Course: BOptom Optometry
Category: Vision and hearing sciences

21 November 2017

Moving away from your hometown to university is a big transition. You may suffer from homesickness and it is totally fine to be like this. To give you some help, here are some great tips to get through it.

1. It is okay to ask for help

There is no shame to ask. You may think that it is a dumb question and it will make you look stupid but this is only your perception.

2. Home comfort

Picture of bed with lots of cushions

Whatever things bring you comfort, bring them along with you. Or decorate your room which will make you feel comfortable.

3. Stay positive and strong

I'm tired, it's too cold, it's too hot, it's raining, it's too late (all crossed out). Let's go!

Don’t ever let someone say you can’t do it. There’s no excuse, just believe in yourself and go ahead.

4. Explore your surroundings

Picture of people walking

When we are unfamiliar with our surroundings, we will feel homesick. So, it is be a great idea to explore your city so you will feel more at home. As a student here, you will get free entry to some of the museums and colleges.

5. Keep your expectations realistic

Everthing's gonna be super (with an image of a thumbs up)

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