Our People: Daya Pandey

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Category: #OurPeople

25 November 2019

As an lecturer and a researcher, I'm passionate about transferring my knowledge and training the engineers and scientists of the future.

My teaching is focused on student-centred and evidence-based learning. Here at ARU, I teach the modules Thermofluids, Research Methods and Mathematics for Engineers 2. I also supervise research projects for MSc students, and for undergraduates in their third year.

As well as being a Senior Lecturer in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment, I'm a Ruskin Fellow. That means I'm part of an ambitious research programme launched by the University. ARU allows me to expand my research network and breadth of experience, plus access dedicated research funding and development.

I am a member of School's Research Ethics Panel and also involved in drafting the University’s five year sustainability strategy (2020-2025). I am passionate about research and I am working in the area of decarbonising heat, energy and transport systems, energy data analytics, resource recovery from agri/urban waste (including plastics) and reducing energy demand in the built environment.

The things I enjoy most about my job are transferring knowledge; training future engineers, scientists and researchers; and conducting research in the area of sustainable waste recycling, renewable energy, reducing carbon footprints and sustainability.

As a tutor, I aim to support the holistic development (creativity, innovation, independence and collaboration) of students, how to apply theory into practice and how to communicate their knowledge effectively. I try to equip students with cross-disciplinary skills while providing hands-on experience of numerical simulation modelling of practical systems, study of their dynamic characteristics and optimisation.

As an academician, you have to strive towards knowledge transfer, igniting innovation and critical thinking in students. But you also have to update your own knowledge base, so in a way you are always learning from students (and your peers), while they are learning from you.

I personally believe in evidence-based, practical leaning which can support students in making the transition from higher education to industry, or perhaps into research.

ARU promotes equality, diversity and inclusion and offers support through its Disability and Dyslexia Support service, Study Skills Plus and language programmes for non-native English speakers.

I brief students who work with me about objectives and expectations, but also the support available to boost their learning experience. At the end students will have better analytical skills, critical thinking and deep learning, and can apply their theoretical knowledge to solve real engineering problems.

If asked I will always offer the following advice: don’t settle, keep exploring and be inquisitive.

Daya teaches engineering at ARU: find out more about our undergraduate engineering courses.


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