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Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (Hons) Zoology
Category: Animal sciences

6 November 2017

Zoology student Jessica with a parrot on her shoulder

Working in any park is hard work and my placement at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has been no different. It is a lot of physical work and a standard has to be maintained. Saying this, it's an amazing and enjoyable experience.

Everybody here is welcoming and wants to help aid your education as much as possible. The more you learn, the more you can help and the more responsibility you will get. You will learn so much working here and retain the information because you practise it daily. Again, the staff here will get you involved in as much as you ask for.

The park used to be called the Parrot Zoo, so as you can imagine we have a lot of parrots. If you are not comfortable with birds then you soon will be. Everybody who works here has parrots on their list of animals/birds to look after. I actually didn't like parrots that much before I started working here but now I love them. You get really involved and you learn so much about their health, their anatomy and how to care for them. You also get to form great friendships with them.

We also have varied range of mammals. You will learn how to look after, feed, clean and health check all of the animals and birds here and again you will be able to get involved with as much as you ask for, so if you have a particular interest in anything I’m sure that the keepers would be willing to show you as much as possible. You will start out small, shadowing keepers and getting used to the park, the species we have etc, and then you will move on and become more involved and possibly have your own list further down the line.

You are welcome to do your dissertation here as long as you clear it with the park owner and the head keeper first. Studies are welcomed here because the more the park knows, the more it can accommodate the animals and birds. The more we know the better, so studies are normally pushed for.

You pick up so many valuable skills and everyone is willing to teach you and impart knowledge. And more than anything, everyone here is fun to work with and they care about the animals so information is always shared and you get to see the results from it.

By Jessica, BSc (Hons) Zoology student


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