How to master technology (tools) and use it to your benefit

Darshi Withanage

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Economics
Category: Business

3 September 2015

Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well and getting ready to come back to university this autumn.

Today I will talk about fantastic opportunities that you can get involved with whilst attending university. I do not know about other universities but if you join Anglia Ruskin University, and especially our amazing Business School, there are plenty of amazing things that you can do. So as a part of this amazing experience, I get to work with the University clearing team, and experience what it is like to work here. I feel that this type of work is really delicate as it involves dealing with potential students. And it is amazing how you can make someone’s day by saying that Anglia Ruskin will make you an offer to join our university in this autumn! If you also want to add valuable work experience while studying, apply to become a Business School intern.

The one thing I would like to tell you as a student: check your university email on a daily basis. I know that we all check our Facebook almost every couple of hours, but why don’t you do the same with the university emails? This way you will not miss out on any opportunities.

ARU also understands that we are a generation of smart phone and mobile app users and they have this amazing mobile app. You can download this app via almost any smart phone app store. It can be personalised and you can easily check your emails, timetable and even the balance of the printer credit! You can also can check availability of computers in the open access areas. So if you haven’t start using this app so far, go to app store and download this app to organise your university work this semester (autumn).

My August was rather busy and hectic, but I loved every moment of it. As it is only one month till we launch d’brew and Jade boutiques, there is loads of work that needs to be done before the end of this month. Up until now I used a simple Excel spreadsheet to manage my ‘things to do’. But I need to tell you that to manage a such a ‘to do list’ you need to spend some time putting it together; you need to add to your work calendar manually, especially when you work with a team; and you either need to email or share information via an online drive so everyone has access. So what you need is another note or ‘to do list’ saying please update and share the main ‘to do list’ and update your work calendar. It is too much, isn’t it? So what if I told that there are pretty decent free apps that you can use to organise your workload? An app called Trello will enable you to update and create a ‘to do list’ and you can assign the task to other members. You can download this app to both your mobile and laptop and access the list online any time. It can be used to manage your workload related to business and for your studies.

And the next question you might have in your mind – it is great you told me about the app to organise the workload, but I have different work calendars. Don’t worry, now I am going to introduce you to one more amazing app that will bring together all your work calendars: Sunrise Calendar. This allows you to link different calendars and also to apps like Trello and Evernote. You can download this app to your phone and your laptop, organise your workload effectively and never miss or overlap any deadline.

“It is not what technology does to us, it is what we do to technology. Get smart with technology, choose wisely and use it in a way that benefits both you and those around you.” –


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