The good, the bad and the ugly

Daniel Mitrovic

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BA (Hons) International Business Strategy
Category: Business

13 January 2015

Hello! So I finally got around writing a blog post after a round of mid-terms. But now, we get to relax… until next semester, anyway. I’m kidding (don’t look at me like that… yes, I see you giving me that judgmental look!).

So the past few weeks since my last blog post have been pretty cool – though stressful, also. I guess lately the pressures of managing several different roles have definitely shown. I have been working hard to perfect each and every role that I do, to ensure everyone I work with gains the most value from my output – though with issues beyond my control that hasn’t felt entirely possible.

For the first time since I have started university, I had to take my first extension on an assignment, during first semester, due to unfortunate circumstances in my family life. I found this difficult as I never really like to give in to the struggles of life and admit defeat – though it had to be done and my grade for this particular module didn’t suffer, which I am glad of. It’s hard moments like this that actually make you really test the system and support we have in place at university; I’m happy to have had support in this particular situation.

To make this post a bit more happy and fluffy, I am happy to announce that in the same month of beginning my role as a Business Analyst at Worldpay, I was also elected Course Rep for International Business Strategy and LAIBS Faculty Rep, which was a big surprise! I was truly shocked that I had gained any votes and thank the people that took the time to vote for me (as well as fellow blogger Charlotte Hurden!). By participating in these events you help elect people to represent your views and make changes in the university, so it’s vital to have your say. It’s also equally important to use your reps to voice your greatest moments and pet peeves to ensure your experience is the best it can possibly be, so if you don’t know the rep for your course, send them an email and say hi!

Just the other day, I was also informed of my appointment as Senior Intern for Lord Ashcroft International Business School. If you’re a LAIBS student and haven’t heard much about the internship programme, have a look at your emails and get applying. The programme offers so much to add to your CV – not to mention an amazing experience!

Two things to round this blog post off (and prevent the awkward ‘OMG, how much more did this geezer write?’ moment). Now that I have finished semester one, I’m working on loads of different ideas for my roles in university and professionally – where I’m testing a payment method in the Netherlands; how cool. Finally, to nag again, use the various departments in the university and keep looking out for internships and opportunities to make your CV more impactful. And feel free to add me on LinkedIn if you’d like to.



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