From Serbia with love

Daniel Mitrovic

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BA (Hons) International Business Strategy
Category: Business

12 February 2014

I joined Anglia Ruskin in week four after making a decision to drop a sponsored degree and, quite frankly, I haven’t looked back!

It’s crazy the amount of people I’ve met and how diverse they are. I mean, my family is Serbian and English isn’t my first language, so it was a pleasant surprise to see my tutor/module leader was Serbian too, as well as meeting three others whilst in uni!

But enough of the foreign-ness. I have to admit it was strange starting education again after a year out. I was all over the place with deadlines, doing my work and coping to reference EVERY little thing I wrote and getting research to back EVERYTHING I said up. Kinda drives you mad at first, but I guess you sort of get into it after a while! (Unless I’m still doing it wrong and my results are awful, then completely disregard this and I’ll find a little hole to hide in.)

But yeah, I found myself struggling to cope or see the point in some bits (as with most things in life). I managed two firsts in my first couple of assignments, but then made a rubbish judgement of listening to a rumour which could have cost me over five marks. (I could have cried when I found out – yup, I’m THAT much of a wimp.) So – there’s my first lesson of the year: GREAT BIG TICK. But to sum it all up, I do actually love Anglia Ruskin and want to get more involved with the uni. I’ll let you know later where my efforts get me…


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