Keeping busy

Daniel Mitrovic

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BA (Hons) International Business Strategy
Category: Business

13 March 2014

So we’re now into week 6 and I thought I’d do a quick blog entry before I forget what I’ve been up to, because it’s been pretty chaotic!

The other week I was appointed as an intern for the Lord Ashcroft International Business School; went to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z popped up and sang less than 10ft away from me; and, on that very same day, I was told that me and my team had made it to the ABinBev competition finals – which is where I went on Tuesday!

So the past two weeks have been completely hectic and it’s only now that I’m doing the real catching-up with life/uni/everything! But I’m guessing you guys want to know how we did at the ABinBev finals, right? Well… we got three rounds of applause, plenty of laughter and smiles at all the right points – BUT we didn’t win. Though, we were reassured by lots of people, including one of the judges, that they LOVED our ideas and brand ethos and that we should have won! We are so passionate about our product and brand, but we’re not only going to enter again next year. Instead we’re going to try and launch our product with the help of the University’s Startup Lab!

On top of everything, I have been trying to network with various businesses around Cambridge to arrange some additional work experience and insights into marketing, and have signed up to the CESIM global challenge which puts you in the hot spot of running a simulated global business!

It has been an incredible and exciting few weeks building up to all the fun. It makes it all worthwhile working together as part of an amazing team and meeting incredible people. Some advice to other students who are too worried to put themselves out there or feel that they don’t need to put themselves out there: do it. Network and get talking to people now because if you don’t, who will? No-one will do the hard work for you and the fact you’re putting yourself out there is heavily admired by professionals. How? LinkedIn is an amazing resource for networking and getting your name and experience out there. You can even use it to look for internships and jobs, as well as websites such as milkround.

Anyway, I shall leave you on that note to give some well-needed attention to my coursework!


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