Climbing the O2 with Business School interns

Daniel Mitrovic

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BA (Hons) International Business Strategy
Category: Business

22 July 2014

So we’re finally at the end of the year and into the summer break: who knew it’d fly by so quickly? I thought I’d do my last post for year 1 about the amazing end to the final semester I had!

There were two personal favourite endings: one being the Summer Send-Off organised by the SU, mainly because they had free popcorn and candy floss and a simulated bull thing (the name has completely left my head!), which are three of my many favourites. You’d have to be crazy not to like candy floss, right?

Secondly the faculty had organised for me and my other fellow interns at the Business School to go on an amazing team-building trip in London to climb the O2! Let me tell you about how the day went.

My day began with us meeting at the Cambridge train station, where I was reminded we had to wear our uniforms but I, being the sleepy-head I was, totally forgot this! We then made our way to London and North Greenwich station, where we were met by the iconic 02 arena as we left the small, funky Underground station. We proceeded closer to be met by the rest of the interns from the Chelmsford campus (as well as Londoners who were lucky enough to have a bit of a later start to the day, unlike me who was up at 5am! Dedication right there).

After we caught up on all the gossip and said hi to each other, we walked towards the 02 arena, where we were dwarfed and slightly intimidated – especially considering in around 30 minutes or so, we would be climbing the iconic millennium figure! After a short wait and sorting all the legal bits, we were strapped up and ready to go. Me, being the clever lad I am, slightly struggled with my little strap and kept getting stuck at the thicker bits of wire, while everyone else powered on up with ease!

Before you know it, we were at the peak of the dome where we at the back were presented by a load of interns taking selfies. I, of course, joined in and took some snaps of the amazing view of London.

Anyway, after we rested from climbing up and had a few moments to enjoy being on horizontal surfaces while admiring the views, we were all selfied out. So we began our descent down to land (I would like to say I walked down safely like an adult, but I MAY have bounced most of the way down until it got really windy and I thought I was going to die!). That was the end of our first experience. We then unstrapped and un-booted ourselves, collected our photos and went to have a yummy lunch inside the O2, which was heavenly after the climb (those selfies really take it out of you too…). It was so great to share this experience together and help each other climb such an iconic figure, and especially great to catch up with everyone and talk about our experiences to date and plans for the summer!


Following the climb and lunch, we proceeded to the Underground and on to our next destination, where we were greeted by a lovely chap (Brian, a London Guide) who gave us a walking tour around the financial district. It was interesting to learn fascinating facts about so many buildings and organisations which I never knew even existed in the City!

Overall, I had an amazing end to the year, all thanks to the uni and amazing faculty that have supported me so much. I would do it all again if I could! A special thanks to Allison Beaumont, Nicola Faulkner (who’s so smiley!) and Valentina for organising such an amazing trip – and to the interns: I’m so lucky to have been a part of such a great day and team.

I look forward to next year and more blogging! I hope you all achieved all your grades, goals and targets you were aiming for this year. I’m now off to enjoy the rays in sunny Serbia!


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