Challenges and Opportunities

Daniel Mitrovic

Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BA (Hons) International Business Strategy
Category: Business

1 December 2015

So I realised its been a while since I last got a post out – my apologies!

Entering into my final year at university has been…interesting. And by interesting, I mean terrifying! I’ve managed to get a lot done since my last post, work-wise and personally. Work never seems to get boring and tedious, with new things and tasks arising every time I go in! Over the recent months being a Marketing Analyst at Worldpay, I’ve managed to put together a workshop with one of our agencies to get a brief for a new big campaign (which took place on an amazing boat on the Thames!), began to put together the companies first interactive brand brochure and worked with our global partner organisations to put together unique content pieces – just to name a few!

Getting into the swing of university again after the long break has been challenging – especially with a heap of big changes occurring in my personal and professional life. The weeks have literally flown by so I’ve been spending some time trying to catch up on everything, though the assignments and prep work for my modules (Strategic Management Analysis, Employment Law and Spanish) hasn’t been tedious in the slightest as I have a genuine interest in them and the content of the seminars and lectures makes it really though-provoking.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Lord Ashcroft International Business School’s Intern Awards ceremony, where I got to watch our newest intake of interns walk in the Senior Interns steps to claim their (well-deserved) prizes and reference from the Dean of Faculty! It was also a time to reflect upon one of the many amazing things our faculty does to make us as students employable. I would say without doubt that the internship is one of the reasons I managed to build up my confidence to apply for another internship at Worldpay which ultimately secured my current part-time position at the organisation. For any current and future students at the business school, I would deeply recommend applying and taking part in the internship to experience all the great training and networking opportunities you’re exposed to!

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