Back at Uni

Dan Reeve

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying
Category: Architecture, building and construction

8 December 2014

Depressing! No, not returning for the fourth year of my part-time course, as I’m actually quite excited about that. More the weather that has accompanied my trips to ARU from Norwich each week since the term began. Every Monday morning I’ve pulled back the curtain to heavy cloud and persistent rain, not the best weather for the two hour journey each-way.

Now when I say returning, I’m actually an ARU newbie, having gained advanced entry on to the BSc (Hons) Quantity Surveying degree course after completing my foundation degree at UCS in Bury St Edmunds in May. I work four days a week for a local housebuilder who gives me a day off every week to go to lectures or to study. This is great, in my view, as it means I gain practical experience of working on live jobs, while learning the theory that I don’t use in everyday construction.

Whilst I thought coming to a ‘proper’ university (UCS doesn’t have independent status yet) would be a massive shock to the system, it turns out I’m pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and helpfulness of staff and fellow students alike. The only panic is that we have to begin researching for our dissertation already! I’ve adopted a tiny bit of a ‘I’ll sort that out later’ stance there! I also managed to sign myself up as a Student Rep. Who knows, I may one day make a difference.

So, I’ve purchased my books, already made dozens of pages of notes/scribbles and received my assignments. I guess all that’s left is to find time to get on with them. It’s easier said than done when you work full-time, as you have to find any spare time you can – lunch breaks, after dinner, weekends – but I know that the benefits far outweigh the effort that I need to put in.

With four assignments due in, and two housing developments to be handed over this side of Christmas, I better get back to work…

Until next time.


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