How will teaching work in trimester 1 for Computer Games Art and Computer Gaming Technology students?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Category: Art and design

9 September 2020

Are you studying Computer Games Art or Computer Gaming Technology at ARU this September? Here are details about your teaching arrangements for trimester 1, the facilities and equipment available to you, and how to prepare for online learning.

How will teaching work for my course in September?

Computer Games are tech and software-heavy subjects, so lectures will be recorded, meaning you can access them whenever and as many times as you need to.

We have both online and face-to-face scheduled sessions for students to attend and gain supervision, either as a group or individually. We have a Discord server, which acts as a hub of communication and delivery, so you can stay in touch with your cohort and tutors easily.

Additionally, we will be using OneDrive online submission to make it easier for you to hand in, without travelling to campus.

Our online sessions will include regular streams and online social events, along with live workshops. We hope you’ll join us!

Will I be able to access the facilities and equipment I need on campus?

Yes, Compass House (where your Computer Games studios are based) will be open and operational, and you will be able to access facilities and use equipment during the scheduled, designated slots. The designated slots will appear on your timetable, which you will receive in due course.

All equipment you may need to complete your work, such as graphics tablets, will also be available through Media Services.

Is there anything I need to prepare or buy for September?

If you have chosen to take the online route, you will require a laptop capable of running the software that you are learning; Please see the 'additional technical specifications - creative courses' section on our technical requirements for online learning page for further details.

A microphone will be required if your laptop does not have one built in.

Almost all software, apart from ZBrush, is free for students. Your lecturers will guide you on how to download the remaining required software via Canvas during the first week of teaching.


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