#TuesdayTip: Communicate research with Kudos

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5 March 2018

So you've done your research, got it published, and you've figured out some new interesting things - but now how to let everyone outside of academia know?

When shouting from the rooftops just doesn't suffice (and might be breaking some noise nuisance laws), why not try Kudos, a free online tool to help you maximise the reach and impact of your research?

Nature recently provided an informative overview of Kudos that's worth checking out, but perhaps the best way to find out more is to go to the Kudos site and start exploring how you can use the tool to open up your research to new audiences.

Want more tips and tools? Watch this space and follow us on Twitter for our #TuesdayTip series. If you're a member of ARU academic or research staff and you're particularly interested in hearing more about communication and public engagement in research, you can also come to our Anglia Ruskin Research Funding Observatory seminars on the topic! Just visit our Eventbrite page to book your place.


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