Our People: Chris Land

Faculty: Business and Law
Category: #OurPeople

3 June 2019

Chris Land

Chris is a man who knows a thing or two about beer. His research into the craft brewing industry informs his teaching in the Business School at ARU. He shared his story (and a 60-second seminar video) with us.

In my role I research, and teach our students about, work and organisation. Currently, my research projects are focused on work in the craft beer business, ranging from brewers to bar staff, and even hop-farmers. What interests me is whether the explosion of small breweries offers a real alternative to large-scale breweries, and whether craft brewing can offer sustainable and meaningful careers and working lives for people. My research also informs my teaching, which covers everything from a first-year undergraduate module on the sociology of work, to postgraduate modules on research methods.

I also spend a lot of time in meetings or answering emails, but that’s another story…

In my job, I enjoy the variety of the work the most. In the last few months, as well as a lot of reading and writing, I have led a curriculum review, recruited four new members of staff to my department and taught undergraduate, MBA and PhD students. I’ve presented my research at several universities and international conferences, been interviewed on radio and television, and spent several days in a brewery, observing and interviewing brewers to learn about their work. It never gets boring!

I’ve been researching organisations for over 20 years. Being able to share some of that knowledge with my students helps contribute to their success, providing them with a better understanding the world of work, and the roles they can play in the workplace. The research led education we offer at Anglia Ruskin means that students not only gain access to the latest research, they also learn how to research, so their knowledge will never go out of date.

During my time at ARU, I’m most proud of my teaching. Being able to make a difference to students’ understanding, and how they see the world is one of the most rewarding parts of being an academic.

Finally, if I could offer one piece of advice to people, I would tell them: done is better than perfect.



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