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15 February 2017

As you'll know, the Research Services team helps to build the research capability of Anglia Ruskin University, as part of RIDO, in a number of ways.

We run this blog and our Twitter account to advertise news and opportunities to our community.

We also run the Research Funding Observatory - a series of seminars aimed at informing ARU researchers of particular aspects of research life, across the pre- and post-award cycle.

Recently, we've made a few changes to our team, and we hope these will help to smooth your journey towards winning funding and managing your grants.

  • We've changed our team name! We're now the Research Funding Development team, emphasising our role in improving the chances of getting funding, as well as in processing the applications on your behalf.
  • We've brought in new people! Steve Norton and Rosie Burdon have joined the team as Research Funding Officers, and will be working on your applications for international and UK funding. Steve and Rosie both have scientific backgrounds, broadening the expertise available from the RFD team.
  • We've created a new role! Sarah Lamont has moved into a new role as Grants Manager. Sarah will be developing central post-award support for successful research grants, giving advice on many aspects of getting those projects off the ground, and ensuring they achieve their goals. While Sarah won't be taking on project management for any specific project, she will be able to signpost the community to the information they need at all stages in the project life cycle.

We look forward to working with you on your bids.


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