Changes to our team

Category: Research

9 April 2018

The next few months hold some changes for the Research and Innovation Funding Development Team.

Today's blog will make you aware of some changes to our team and social media in the short term, but should also reassure you about the future.

Our current social media lead, main blog and tweet author, Steve, has left ARU. We hope to continue to provide useful blogs and tweets as often as we can, but there may be some disruption. While you wait for blogging to resume, do get in touch with requests for any particular content you'd like to see!

This week, we'll welcome a new member into our team. Richard joins with extensive experience, and will be working as research and innovation funding manager for ALSS. His expertise will complement the rest of the team, as well as ALSS's partnership development manager Amy.

Hitesh, Ruth and Rosie will continue to work hard on your behalf, ensuring bids of good quality are submitted to funders. Rosie will work as the funding manager for FSE, giving the faculty a very focussed point of contact for their work. The team will also continue to recruit, building up a full complement of funding managers and officers to support our researchers.



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