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18 September 2015

If you apply for or hold Research Council (RCUK) grants, please note the following recent changes made to the Je-S system.

  1. Grant Maintenance Functionality - Number of Attachments
    The number of supporting documents which can be added as an Attachment Type to a Grant Maintenance request has been restricted to only one because of issues importing the documents into the Research Councils Internal Grants System. Therefore, if there are several documents that need to be submitted then user should insert all the supporting documents into a single attachment. Please note that there is a 5MB limit for the attachment.
  2. Issues raised by Research Organisations during last year's survey have been addressed. In particular, PhD student records were excluded if they had been previously surveyed for Masters submission. This has been corrected for future Surveys.
  3. Change Peer Review Email Address
    Following the transfer of responsibilities for the peer review activities in April 2015, the email address references in the peer review emails issued by the Je-S System have been amended from '' to an RCUK email address. The telephone number that used to appear on the Decline to Review screen is no longer in use and the individual Research Council should be contacted instead.

If you have any issues or questions regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to contact the Je-S helpdesk or the ARU Research Services Team.


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