Can university help us overcome fears?


Category: Student Ambassador

5 May 2017

Sweaty palms, shaking hands... It’s September 2015 and I’m packed for university.

I think I have hugely underestimated how stressful packing would be. Thoughts of what my experience of university is going to be like race through my mind. As I sit there shaking with worry, my mum walks in to my room. Her soothing voice confronts my anxiety, saying, 'It will all be okay'. I don't know if that is what I want to hear.

Then I realise that I am not just worried about things being okay. I’m actually worried about things not being fantastic. I have so many options for my life – how do I know that ARU is the right one? When I had my interview I loved the feel of the uni but is that enough to know it is the right place for me? 

I’m here to say it will be fantastic and from experience it is definitely the right place for me.

If you’re willing to open your mind and grow, then ARU is the right place. I have overcome obstacles I never thought I could and discovered talents I never knew I had. From studying at ARU my thought process feels wider and deeper than ever before, and I have been able to carry this into my personal life. I believe this is because I have been given the support and facilities to be able to grow. These are all things people never tell you about university; that by learning about your chosen subject you will learn more about yourself, and that this will provide you with strong foundations for the rest of your life.

I had some big news yesterday. My mother’s house, the one I have lived in for 21 years before university halls, has been sold. I have to pack again, but this time I know I won’t have sweaty palms and shaking hands. After two years at university I now feel stronger in myself, more rounded. I know that at university I have a wide breadth of support from members of my course, the friends I’ve made and my house mates. It is because of this I feel less scared of big changes and moving house.


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