How will teaching work in trimester 1 for Cambridge School of Art students?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: Cambridge School of Art
Category: Art and design

9 September 2020

Are you studying at Cambridge School of Art this September? Whether you're joining us for face-to-face teaching or studying wholly online, here's what to expect.

How will teaching work in trimester 1?

Teaching will be timetabled in a similar way to modules in usual years, as online or on-campus delivery supported by technology.

All lectures will be delivered online including all critical and contextual studies modules (or any embedded content within practice-based modules). Some of the more digital skill-based modules will also be delivered online.

Online delivery will consist of a mixture of pre-recorded content, briefings, lectures in bite-size chunks, recorded demonstrations and workshops, live seminars/discussions, online resources, independent learning exercises, student-managed learning, peer group/action learning, and tutorials.

We will use Canvas and Microsoft Teams to deliver our online teaching. You will have materials on Canvas. The materials will be set out in a weekly format on Canvas so you will know what to do each week. You will have weekly online times to attend your module classes via Teams.

If you have opted to study on campus, you will be on site at least once a week. Each year group for each course will be timetabled for at least four hours one day per week to support practice, build peer learning communities and provide access to specialist facilities with technical support.

Specialised facilities will also be available to book for open access between 8am – 8pm outside teaching slots.

On-campus delivery will be a blend of:

  • student-managed learning through access to facilities, technology and/or making spaces/studios, and
  • teacher-managed learning activities, e.g. small group tutorials, peer group learning, 1:1s, key crits and reviews at critical points.

All on site studio and facilities activity will observe social distancing and restrictions on group/room size and Government Health and Safety guidance, including face covering where appropriate and cleaning and sanitising processes on-campus.

If you are not able to join us on campus, you will be able to join a live stream of the class via Microsoft Teams. Assessments will accommodate your chosen mode of study and won’t rely on you having face-to-face sessions.

If we face another lockdown in the coming months, we are arranging our teaching to be flexible enough to switch to online delivery. We hope this will not happen, but we are prepared in case it does. Our main priority will always be to allow you to study safely and confidently, whichever mode of delivery is used.

Will I need any specialist equipment or software?

For some courses at Cambridge School of Art, you will need specialist equipment. Please see the 'additional technical specifications – creative courses' section of our technical requirements for online learning page.

Will I meet with other students online or on campus?

You will have opportunities to meet your classmates and other students online and on campus through teaching, social events and activities, as well as Students’ Union societies.

All of your learning will be supported by bookable office hours with your lecturers, personal tutor sessions, study skills and study support sessions, and virtual library support and access.


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