Being an ambassador

Caroline Buttress

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BSc (Hons) Child Nursing
Category: Nursing and midwifery

23 July 2019

I can’t deny that re-entering education as a fully functioning adult was a daunting idea initially, but my very positive experience of university life at ARU has been strongly enhanced by having the opportunity to represent both my faculty and the university as a student ambassador.

My first 'job' as an ambassador was to assist during a testing and interview day for prospective student nurses. The role involved meeting and greeting potential new comers, making them feel at ease in the alien surroundings of the uni campus, whilst also assisting the lecturers in timing tests and interviews. I thoroughly enjoyed this day and made myself open for questions and queries regarding placements, theory and family life. I received some fantastic feedback that gave me a real sense of value and achievement. Since then I have assisted with most other interview days and as a result built good working relationships with both the uni lecturers and the practice development team who often sit on the interview panel.

Each campus also hosts open evenings and educational days for school and college students, both of which I had the opportunity to attend and assist with.  These evenings/days are great fun for all involved and for the most part you would find me in the skills lab teaching the young students how to take blood and measure blood pressure. I also demonstrated how to deliver competitive CPR which involves 4 resus Annie dolls, 4 resuscitators (students) and some computer software that measures whose CPR delivery is the most effective. This activity can be extremely noisy and animated but also great fun!

I have also taken part in two graduation ceremonies. Although essentially my role was to direct graduates to the correct area and inform them of the scheduled proceedings, I found the days both emotive and inspirational. I could really imagine myself donning the gown and mortar, collecting my scroll and sipping champagne in the cathedral grounds and that dream is soon to become my reality!

As well as regularly representing the uni as an ambassador physically, I also fulfil my role virtually and can often be found chatting to prospective students through social media. This is a great platform for people to ask questions about the uni, the course and anything in between. My responses along with those of the prospective students can be seen by everyone in the group and for many has proven to be both informative and helpful. Many of the students are anxious about the unknown so I try to use this platform to share my own positive experiences and decrease their trepidation.

My ambassador role has varied over the last 3 years but I would whole heartedly recommend to other students to get involved. Not only are you paid for your efforts but it looks great on your CV, and gives you a real sense of involvement within your campus and beyond.

Thanks again ARU

Over and out

Caroline x


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