BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants: know your deadlines!

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Calls

9 October 2017

The British Academy and Leverhulme Trust currently have a call for proposals for their Small Research Grants scheme.

This is a very popular scheme at ARU, and we expect to process several bids from each faculty. However, the rules have changed! Pay attention, as this is tricky...

Previously: once you submitted, there were two weeks allocated to chase up the nominated referee for their assessment of the bid. This is not the case anymore.

Now: the funder has pushed the deadline back by two weeks (to 1 November 2017), but now requires the referee to have submitted their review by the same date. This process is left to the applicant to manage, meaning we actually need to create our own deadline to ensure everything gets done in time.

So: if you are applying for this scheme, forget the 1 November 2017 deadline for now. Your friendly RIDO team will need to have your completed bid by 25 October 2017 at the very latest. We will use the remaining week to chase up your review, and ensure your referee has done their bit. But, as you know, we also need to get approval from your faculty for the application. It's probable we can do this between 25 October and 1 November, but it will be much easier for RIDO, for your Dean, and ultimately for you, if you aim for 18 October.

Good luck!


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