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Course: BSc (Hons) Crime and Investigative Studies
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26 November 2019

Studying hard is important, but so is time out. This blog is dedicated to my favourite leisure places in Cambridge - and the benefits of spending time with friends.

The photos in this blog are by Polina Kaneva, my cool photography friend.

So, do you like arcade games and are you competitive? Try Tenpin!

Bowling lanes and sweet dispensers in Tenpin arcade, Cambridge

Tenpin is the perfect place for students wishing to relax after a stressful chemistry (in my case) session. It’s a good spot for yourself, your friends or even your family members as it offers a vast variety of activities such as pool, karaoke, bowling and other exciting games.

One of the main reasons behind my decision to write about this place is because it’s unique and refreshing. I like diversity!

I like Tenpin because it’s a good place to kill time and hang out with friends. We would usually book a bowling session and spend hours having drinks, eating and playing games. And what’s better than eating with friends? In addition, it’s a great place to show off your singing abilities. The atmosphere inside is cosy and relaxing, and the music is fantastic. You can play on one of the numerous arcade machines inside and receive tickets, then subsequently redeem an award. It's really fun when you’re doing that with friends, especially if they are competitive...

The second place I want to mention is The Petersfield. It’s a small pub that I personally like because I’ve made amazing memories with friends in there. It’s great to have a conversation with friends and enjoy a good meal. My friends really like this one as it is close to the University houses.

Exterior view of The Petersfield pub in Cambridge

Pubs are great places for group of friends who like socialising together. If you’re a fan of football, then consider going to a pub. You can enjoy a football game with your friends.

Moving to a different city or even a country can be difficult and if you feel lonely you shouldn’t isolate yourself, because that will definitely not help your situation. It is important for students to share some of their free times with friends, socialise and have fun. The best way to embrace the changes in your life is communicate with friends – new or old. Even if you don’t wish to go out, make sure you have people that you can speak with.

Focusing only on your studies, in my opinion, is a mistake and you should always find free time for yourself.

Cambridge is a beautiful city with many attractive places for students. It offers leisure opportunities for people with all sorts of interests, for example pubs, sports clubs, parks, paintball arenas and many more. In addition, there will be plenty of events organised by the Students’ Union throughout your time at ARU.

If you’re unsure about where to find interesting places, please follow the link bellow which will direct you to a website dedicated to that:

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