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20 February 2018

After achieving my first degree in Business and Finance with Anglia Ruskin, I was encouraged by the International Office (as I worked with them part-time) to continue on to my Masters degree.

I realised that when I was doing my first degree I hadn’t been able to get involved as much as I’d have liked, in all the different activities on offer in the University, so I decided to do a lot more alongside my Masters in Project Management. One and a half years passed by real quick, and in a short period I managed to achieve the goal I had set in the beginning of my degree and I'm proud of who I am today. I am also working with Estates and Facilities in the Environment Team as a Project Team Administrator. To juggle this between studies, work and as a president of the International Society, was very intense.

There were times I really wanted to give up, but what kept me going was reminding myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I started writing blogs again, addressing common issues with international students; sharing what is it to be like as an anxiety and slight depression victim; sharing different thoughts that to let them understand they're not alone, etc. I organised the first ever Global Week video conference, making sure everyone was aware of a wide range of global issues, giving them an opportunity to speak freely.

Time management skills are one of the most important things I have learnt whilst managing everything at once, and I am proud and happy that I'm a Gold Volunteering award achiever, having been awarded at the Students' Union awards.

If you asked what would I tell myself two years ago, I'd say 'Keep going on'. I have lived my university life to the fullest, and you should too! What surprised me the most was having a lot of recruiters contacting me, long before I finished my Masters degree, because of all the achievements I have made and experience I have gained. Anglia Ruskin helped me to become a better person, and build up a brighter future, and always remember, you're not alone. Thank you Anglia Ruskin, for everything.

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