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25 October 2017

The Veterans and Families Institute has made two huge steps forward during 2017, launching its Veterans and Families Research Hub (VFR Hub) and the Forces in Mind Trust Research Centre (FiMT RC).

The VFR Hub is a new way of presenting research and information to different audiences. Some of its reseources are aimed at veterans themselves, and their families, dealing with issues such as employment and housing. A key feature of the Hub is that information is presented in a straightforward, user-friendly way.

Other resources are aimed at an academic audience. The Hub has even created a partnership with an academic journal (Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health). Researchers now have an obvious route to publication of their work, while also expanding the audience of an established primary resource. Aside from JMVFH, the Hub does a brilliant job of drawing together relevant research from many different sources. The Hub can be used as a research search engine, and can provide a research map, showing areas of high and low research activity.

Do investigate the Hub, and get in touch with the VFI to talk about how they've put together this fantastic resource!

The FiMT RC will act as part of VFI, and will administer the Hub. In addition, the RC has been established to act as a focus of the FiMT research and research community. The Centre will:

  • provide advice and support to charities and other service providers who are engaged in or have an interest in research relevant to ex-Service personnel and their families,
  • produce fresh research into key issues facing ex-Service personnel and their families to aid understanding and improve policy and service delivery, and
  • organise an annual conference with an awards ceremony to celebrate recently completed research into issues affecting the Armed Forces Community.

Having the FiMT research focussed in this way will enable stronger links between the Trust, its community, and other stakeholders, such as local and national government, the media, and the public. We look forward to working with the Centre in the future.


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