My alternative Clearing experience


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29 June 2018

Clearing... everyone dreads it, but it happens and can be a positive experience for many of us. It certainly was for me.

My clearing experience wasn’t like the norm, I had started a degree and decided I didn’t like it and wanted to swap, so then began trawling through the thousands of courses available to try to figure out a degree which I did want to do.

I began the usual process of searching through UCAS Clearing and looking at which courses were still open for applications – and stumbled upon ARU. I began looking through the website and found the Human Resources course and it just felt right.

I continued to have a look around as I didn’t want to rush into any decisions but every course I found, I was just thinking ‘This isn’t as good as the one at ARU’. That’s how I knew I was making the right decision for me.

Then came the daunting bit: picking up the phone. I rang through and got put through to a lovely lady (who I have since met and now know really well) and was made an offer. Woohoo! A huge smile was put onto my face which still hasn’t left.

Unfortunately for me, as I applied so late, I missed Freshers' Week and the first week of lectures. So my first experience at ARU was having to walk into a seminar where everyone knew each other, and try to make friends, I was terrified! But don't panic if this happens to you. Luckily, all the people on my course were so welcoming and accepted me into their friendship group.

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