Applicant days - by a student who works at them


Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management
Category: Business

13 February 2020

Applicant days are a chance to ‘try out’ your chosen course, meet potential course mates and see parts of the university you may not have seen when you visited previously. Here's how you can make the most of them.

Applicant days can seem pretty scary, and sometimes you really don’t know what to expect. I know my biggest fear was being separated from my mum for the day (and I’m not going to lie to you, there may be parts of the day where you are separate – but you’ll be fine, don’t worry!).


My biggest tip for applicant days is to talk to everyone. Try and think of some questions beforehand which you might want to ask lecturers/course leaders about the course; it may help you to decide which university you want to go to.

Also, make sure to talk to the current students about student life; are you interested in a certain sport, or do you want to know where the best accommodation is? As a Student Ambassador who works at applicant days, I can say that we're there to answer your questions. Usually there’s a student for each course so they can tell you about some of the modules and assessments too.


Applicant days at ARU have sessions/activities for your parents so don’t worry about what they’ll be doing while you’re off enjoying yourself with new friends.

Another tip for applicant days is that the day usually lasts from around 10-2pm, so make sure to use the time after it finishes to go and explore the city. I fell in love with the city of Cambridge when I first visited and that made me really feel like ARU was the university for me. You may be living in this city for the next three years of your life so it’s really important that you like it, and make sure it has everything you need (for me, Primark and Wilko were essentials, and Cambridge has both!).


Finally, enjoy the day. It’s really nothing to feel too scared about, and everyone there is in exactly the same position as you. Make the most of the day and get excited about starting your university journey!

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Here at ARU, we run applicant days in February and March. If you've applied to study with us, chances are you'll receive an invitation to join us (though please note that not all courses have applicant days).

If you're interested in exploring ARU but haven't yet applied to study here, book your place at our next Open Day.



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