More studying, more assignments, more exams…

Andrew Moore

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering
Category: Engineering

15 May 2014

Hello! Here’s another brief update now I have two assignments and one exam out the way. I am currently enjoying a little breathing space between a further two exams, which are fast approaching.

I mentioned in an earlier blog one of my assignments, of which I’m pleased to announce I received a good mark. It’s always comforting to know that what you’ve learnt and taken on board throughout the semester is met with praise as it then spurs you on to further your knowledge, and keep that same level of quality throughout your work.

As a Mechanical Engineering student, part of another assignment for a module named ‘Materials and Processes’ was to go on two company visits to broaden our engineering know-how. The two companies, Encocam Ltd and ‘Truck Lite Ltd, provided us with a taste of what it’s like in a modern engineering company. All the various segments, from manufacturing processes and testing procedures, were explained to us in meticulous detail of which I was trying my hardest to keep up and jot down in my notebook. These two visits were thoroughly enjoyable and really caught my attention: the amount of strenuous work put in to keep up with demand from customers and standard agencies alike to manufacture a good quality product.
Away from the studying I have a friend’s 21st  birthday party coming up which, unfortunately, falls in the middle of my exam week. HOWEVER, providing I’m well-prepared for the exams (and no last-minute/late-night sesh) I shall be attending as a welcome break away from my desk, which I appear stuck to at the moment.

So in the coming weeks I’ll have my head in the books once again to hopefully finish this year on a high; I’ll update you when it’s all over! Ta-ra.


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